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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What sizes do your trees come in?
    We grow trees in #7, #15, and #25 containers. We also grow some trees in the ground, these trees are dug and wrapped in a burlap for shipping and labeled as B&B on the availability. A #15 is similar to a 15 gallon, but because it isn't exactly 15 gallons we have to refer to it as a #15. Heights will vary depending on which tree you select. The caliper is the diameter of the trunk measured 6 inches above soil.

  2. How do I know what size tree to order?
    This is a decision you have to make based on your budget and how long you want to wait for a mature tree. For homeowners we recommend the #15 size. It already has the branching structure created, but still small enough to handle without heavy equipment. Most of our landscape contractors prefer the #25 size.

  3. Can I pick out my own tree?
    Yes, customers are welcome to visit our nursery and pick out their own trees. Please call ahead and schedule an appointment so someone is available to show you around.

  4. Can I have my tree planted?
    Yes, We are licensed to plant trees in Oregon and Washington. Our Oregon Landscape Contractors License is LCB # 9146.

  5. What are your shipping costs?
    We ship our trees to wholesale customers via common carriers and freight is charged based on footage used and quoted at time of delivery based on current rates. For retail customers we offer free delivery on orders over $500 or a flat fee of $50 (0-10 miles) $75 (10-20 miles) and $100 (20-30 miles) on orders under $500 within 30 miles of our nursery in Canby, OR. We only ship to retail customers in the Portland/Salem area. Retail customers outside our shipping area are welcome to make their own shipping arrangements or pick the trees up from our nursery.

  6. Where can I find your Warranty Policy?
    Many of the trees we plant for retail customers include a warranty. If you purchased a tree with a warranty and you have a copy of the invoice then we will replace your tree should it die during the warranty period with a similar size/variety. We reserve the right to replace the tree with a size smaller or larger depending on what is available at time of replacement. We also reserve the right to recommend a subsitution or issue a refund if the same variety is no longer available. If the cause of the tree death is still present (such as Verticilium Wilt, Poor Drainage, Japanese Beetle, etc.) we reserve the right to require the cause of the problem remmedied prior to replacing the tree or replace it with a tree that is not susceptible to that condition. We also reserve the right to replace the tree at a time that is ideal for the trees, such as the fall. The warranty does not include trees that die from neglect (not watering), vandelism, mechanical damage (chain saws, lawn mowers) or other intentional acts. There no other warranties on trees purchased by retail or wholesale customers beyond those stated on the invoice.

  7. What is your return policy?
    Customers need to notify us within 48 hours if there are any problems with their orders. Trees returned or exchanged for any other reason are subject to a 25% restocking fee.

  8. Do you offer Gift Certificates?
    Yes, we can issue Gift Certificates in any dollar amount.

  9. Is my credit card safe?
    All payment transactions on our website are processed through PayPal. In fact, when processing credit cards, we don't even have access to your credit card number. It is securely encrypted once you submit it.

  10. Do you have any Dealers?
    Yes, we have several garden centers in Utah and some in Washington, Idaho, and Colorado that carry our trees. Please contact us if you need help locating a local garden center.

  11. How do I contact you?
    Please call 503-266-8733 or send e-mail to

  12. Do you charge Sales Tax?
    Oregon does not have sales tax, but if you live in Washington and we deliver trees to you on our own trucks then we are required to collect Washington sales tax.

  13. How do I care for my SuperTrees?
    You should water your tree weekly through the summer and possibly twice a week if the weather is really hot. After the first year your tree will need to be fertilized and pruned each year to eliminate co-dominate branching. We offer pruning and maintenance services to customers in the Portland/Salem area.

  14. Where are your trees grown?
    Our trees are grown at our nursery in Canby, Oregon.